In 1997, Maggie Redmon was divorcing her disbarred husband, Scott, so she wasn’t at the hospital when his girlfriend Brandi—a defrocked nurse he’d met in drug treatment—gave conflicting versions of exactly how and when he’d fallen deathly ill that morning. At the funeral home visitation, Maggie learns that Scott changed his will mere hours before he died and bequeathed half a million dollars to Brandi, the last person to see him alive.

Using the medical and legal knowledge acquired in her career as a disability examiner and professional counselor, and her decade as a civil court mediator, Maggie embarks on a quest for truth and justice. Southern noir meets memoir in this riveting true story as Maggie encounters more bodies on Brandi’s watch; blind eyes in the offices of the sheriff, the coroner, and the medical examiner; and an unlikely white knight who champions her cause.